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GTI Special Purpose Savings Account


With this product, individual customers save towards special occasions such as wedding, pilgrimage, property acquisition while corporate organisations could save gradually to finance end of year bonuses, replacement of fully depreciated assets, staff promotions, annual increment, etc.


GTI Young Shall Grow Savings Account


Specifically tailored towards savings to meet the initial cost of settling and setting up business for young entrepreneurs after they have completed their training/apprenticeship. It is also an account for those who want to save towards starting up a small business that has the capacity of growing subsequently.


GTI Co-Operative Savings Account


This account is designed to encourage group savings and to meet needs of members who may require short term credits to pay annual rent advance, children’s school fees, acquire property , etc without being asked to provide additional collateral.


GTI Savings Account


Targeted at corporate employees, traders, clubs, associations, trade unions, groups and co-operatives to encourage savings for the rainy day. It is an account for store of wealth for which the bank pays interest at the prevailing money market rate.


GTI Fixed Deposit Account


This product is designed for customers who have surplus funds to take advantage of our 30, 60, 90 or 180 days investment window at a very attractive interest rate.


GTI Individual Current Account


Specifically designed for individuals in paid employment as well as self-employed business men and women who want to obtain short term loans to set up their own businesses or expand existing ones.


GTI Corporate Account


This account is targeted at registered businesses such as Limited Liability Companies, Partnership, groups, trade unions, religious organisations, co-operative societies, etc. Account holders can access macro loans of up to N5m with ease and at a very short notice


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